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Corporate Security University Consulting and Speaker Group takes on a comprehensive approach to speak, design, and facilitate education, and resources to enhance the customer-centric performance at every level of corporate security leadership and program leading down to the guard force personnel.


All our customer-centric programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of organizations that rely on security to keep their team members, guests, assets, and reputation safe.

The program includes various customer forward modules covering several aspects of corporate security minimum standards, policies, procedures, risk assessments, leadership, and guard force education. The group can review your company's marketing and sales tactics and design a plan for a higher return on your investment.

With your input, the consultants can create customer-centric specific courses tailored to your needs and program. These courses can be delivered through a combination of online learning resources, classroom sessions, and practical training exercises.



Corporate Security University, known for its prestigious training, shines with an exceptional keynote speaker program, featuring the brightest minds in corporate security sharing their invaluable insights.

Our keynote speakers are experts in the customer-centric approach to physical security, security systems, risk, crisis management, cyber security, and compliance. They have all been chosen for their knowledge and ability to engage. Their presentations are informative, and engaging, fostering learning and interaction.

The keynote speaker program at Corporate Security University is highly regarded, with many of the speakers being recognized as thought leaders and innovators in the industry. Their presentations are relevant to current security issues and provide insights into future trends and challenges organizations may face.

Corporate Security University's keynote program is a must-attend for those seeking the latest corporate security trends and insights to protect teams, guests, assets, and reputations effectively.


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