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Corporate Security University is a learning institution focusing on security education and security certifications through thought-provoking research, education, discussion, and certified security classes for corporate security professionals, teams, and corporations.


Our security classes are taught by dedicated and experienced security educators. Using proven teaching strategies, their priority is to ensure that every professional student and the team finds a path to premium security education and security certifications through security excellence and career success. To support our inclusive security community, we provide a personal approach, tailoring learning methods to each student's needs.


We embrace security education that will prepare you and your team for the path ahead. Our security classes and security certifications incorporate traditional learning styles through seminars, in-person, hands-on, and e-learning experiences.


Corporate Security University?

Because the corporate security industry has:

  1. Growing demand for corporate security professionals: With the increasing frequency and sophistication of security threats to businesses, there is a growing demand for professionals with expertise in corporate security. A university focused on this area could help meet that demand by offering specialized training and education.

  2. Lack of existing programs: While there are many universities that offer degrees in security-related fields, there may be a gap in the market for a educational body that is specifically focused on corporate security.

  3. Specialized curriculum: Corporate security is a complex field that requires knowledge of a variety of disciplines, including leadership,  risk management, physical security, security systems, policies & procedures, crisis management, and cyber security. We are dedicated to corporate security and in creating specialized curriculums that covers all of these areas in depth, providing students with a well-rounded education.

  4. Partnership & Networking opportunities: We want to create opportunities for partnerships and networking with security professionals, businesses, government agencies, and other organizations. These partnerships and networking opportunities could lead to the evolution of corporate security.


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